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"Working with HFC has been the best financial experience for our family. Combined, my husband and I have 38 years of education, and still your advice has been very helpful to us. I wish I had started with you years ago. A few startup sessions with you would make a great wedding gift to any young couple."
-Ann Gore

"As organized as my wife and I are in our personal and business lives, we had no financial plan. We were being reactive with our money instead of proactive. HFC helped us to build a plan, and, more importantly, to track this plan. The outcome of this work is that we were able to reduce debt, account for all of our income and expenses, and find discretionary dollars for investment. HFC provides realistic, encouraging counsel as we continue to track our plan."
-Monte Harrick

"I have been a client for over 2 years and am grateful every day that I met with Hoover Financial Consulting. Because Quicken offers many automation features (which HFC will set up), I spend less than half the time I used to balancing and reconciling as well as preparing expense reports. Furthermore, they have helped me build my wealth month by month by helping me define my goals for saving for college education, retirement, etc. and helped me create an automatic plan for saving. They have created a niche consulting business and are truly the best at what they do."
-Julie Finaldi

"Hoover Financial Consulting saved me from financial disaster. A doctorate from USC notwithstanding, I was extremely naive when it came to money. After our first meeting, I discovered that not only was I naive, I was in TROUBLE! With the help of Hoover Financial Consulting, I was able to learn how to really budget and get control of my finances. Now that I'm married with our first on the way, I just can't imagine how scary this would all be without the help of HFC. Now we know exactly where the money goes and we have a clear plan for the future."
-Kelly Anderson

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