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Personal Financial Consulting

We help individuals and families organize all of their personal financial accounts into Quicken® personal finance software and then review and analyze virtually every aspect of a client’s financial condition including all significant assets and liabilities as well as all cash inflows and outflows. This enables us to provide our clients with highly customized financial consulting and advice on everything from debt elimination, budgeting and cash flow management, savings and retirement planning, investments, real estate, mortgages, insurance, and taxes. Our long term objective is to help our clients learn to use Quicken® on their own as a tool to assist them with achieving their financial goals and becoming financially independent.

Business Financial Consulting

We provide small businesses with a variety of QuickBooks® consulting services including new set up projects, review and cleanup projects, on-site training and consulting, and monthly accounting support and bookkeeping services. We also provide financial consulting on everything from debt management, cash flow management, budgeting and forecasting, insurance, payroll, tax planning, and financial statement preparation and analysis.

Tax Planning & Preparation

We provide tax planning and preparation services for individuals and small businesses including corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, and non-profit organizations.

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